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Dear Snoop Dogg, Tame Impala, Cold War Kids, Joywave, and all the other talented artists who appeared at the 2018 Float Fest:

You have the best fans.  In. The. World. 

Why?  Because they endured 105 degree + temperatures, just for the chance to see you.  Because they camped out for three days on a piece of ranch land far removed from urban conveniences, just so they could fully immerse themselves in your music.  Because they’re probably still cleaning the dust and dirt off their belongings, if not from themselves.  Because they did it all with a smile and a fist pump in the air. 

That is true fandom, in my opinion, and one for which I’m certain the artists feel grateful.

Jay and I, too, are feeling grateful to have experienced our first festival as vendors.  For us, it was baptism by fire.  We faced challenges—heat, dust, internet issues, RV malfunctions…you name it.  But as we reflect on the experience, we don’t feel discouraged.  In fact, we feel just the opposite—we’re grateful to have had those challenges placed before us, because we came away from Float Fest knowing waaaay more than we knew going in.  You just can’t put a price on that kind of experience.

And the best part?  We got to meet and hang out with YOU.  Hundreds of people stopped by Festpak’s booth.  Some came to make purchases, yes, but others came by just to chat or to cool off by our fan.  Many of you entered our “LEGOS® in a Jar” contest for a chance to win a FREE Festpak, and I’m happy to announce that one lucky person guessed the EXACT number of LEGOS®: 444. To everyone who stopped by the Festpak booth: THANK YOU.  You guys were so much fun!

Speaking of the LEGOS® contest, there’s a reason why we chose the number 444.  In our family, it’s a number that’s connected with gratitude.  Back in 2014, Jay decided to set a timer on his watch to remind himself to pause once a day and remember something for which he was grateful.  He chose 4:44 p.m. (just before quittin’ time) because it was around the time of day when he was apt to feel the most exhausted and irritated.  Those 10 or 15 seconds of reflection were enough to turn his mood around, and soon enough, he had family and friends on board with the 4:44 movement.  (Side note: Jay Z’s album, 4:44, was released in 2017.  After all this.  There’s no connection, but I have to admit—it’s kind of cool to be connected to the brilliance of Jay Z in some small way.)

The point is that gratitude can be found at any point in the day, whether it’s 4:44 p.m. or some other random time. Sometimes, you just have to wipe off a little dust in order to find it.

Until next time,


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Karen Patterson
Karen Patterson

August 28, 2018

How cool!Got my Festpak today! it is awesome and so worth it!

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