Our Story

In 2009, my wife, Jennifer, and I attended our first Austin City Limits Music Festival (known affectionately as "ACL").  We've been hooked ever since, and October 2019 marked our 10th consecutive pilgrimage to Zilker Park for three days of mind-blowing music. 

Suffice it to say that with a decade of ACL attendance under our belts, we've learned a thing or two-- the hard way-- about festival-attending.

At our first ACL, we stood in ankle-deep mud as torrential rain showers soaked us to the bone.  In 2011, ACL was in September-- a full month earlier than the usual October timeslot-- and we experienced record‑setting heat and buzz-killing dehydration.

You get the drift-- Mother Nature can be a bitch.  And that's just the weather.

Like us, I'm sure that you, fellow fest goer, have lost phones, wallets, and friends. You've been dehydrated and sweaty and sunburnt and down to your last, sad, skunky beer.  Your eyes have been red and swollen from the dust and the…ahem…well, we'll just say from the dust.  Your hearing and vocal cords have likely been damaged.  And don't get me started on the port-a-potties.

Obviously, none of this has stopped any of us from wanting to return to our favorite festivals, year after year.  We're music lovers to the core, and we're willing to subject ourselves to a myriad of inconveniences, not because we have some looney desire for laryngitis and hearing aids…but because MUSIC.  Because FRIENDS.  Because FUN.

The inconveniences, though, can be exasperating and can jeopardize the whole festival experience by making it UN-fun.  The word "festival" = celebration, as in dancing! Friends! Laughter! Maybe some fireworks!  Yes, of course it's about the music (obviously), but the whole experience is meant to be FUN!

That's why we created FestPak-- to eliminate some of those fun‑sucking inconveniences so your festival experience is a CELEBRATION-- just as the rock gods intended!

Most of the items in FestPak, including the drawstring bag itself, are made from semi‑transparent material, which will help zip you along through the security line so you can make it to the stage on time.  All of the personal items (sunscreen, eye drops and lip balm) are under the TSA's 3oz liquid limit-- a bonus for those of you who'll be flying to your next festival (kudos to you, oh festival flyer, for your seriouslyrighteous fandom.)  

Because we know you have other stuff to do, we've tried to keep it simple by offering five pre-packaged FestPaks, but you can always add extra items.

Whatever you decide, we're grateful that you've taken the time to visit our website.  We hope you'll come back soon and often, because you're now officially part of the Pak!

Good vibes only! Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect! (PLUR)