Happy Ears Musician Hearing Protection Earplug, Medium, MADE IN SWEDEN

1 pair of medium size ear plugs



  • Sized to fit small to average ear canals, including most teens and adults. Not recommended for those with large ear canals
  • Happy Ears® are constructed so they simply reduce the volume without distorting sound. You hear everything crisply and clearly, just at a lower volume.
  • Central stem of ABS plastic makes insertion and removal simple and easy.
    Outer shell and plug end made of TPE, a medically approved soft thermo-reactive material for maximum comfort.
  • Happy Ears® are tough and durable enough to clean in your dishwasher, or with ordinary soap and water, for maximum hygiene and long life.
  • Each pair comes with a carrying case and instructions.
  • Designed, produced, and packaged in Sweden.
  • Happy Ears® are CE-approved according to EN352-2:2002


Product Information


  • Brand : Happy Ears®
  • Color : White
  • Size : Medium (Covers the range from 8 to 9 mm)
  • Attenuation (SNR) : 25dB
  • Country of origin : Sweden
  • Includings : 1 x Ear Plug, 1 x Carrying case, 1 x Pouch.


About Happy Ears®

Happy Ears® reusable natural sound ear plugs are made specifically for all applications where you need some protection from noise, but where you also need to still hear clearly and accurately. Happy Ears® ear plugs are ideal for use at clubs and concerts, in noisy workplaces, while sleeping with low to moderate noise, and for daily wear everywhere by those who are bothered by general background noise.

Happy Ears® ear plugs won the first prize for best design object 2012 at DesignTorget in Stockholm. It is little wonder when you learn how these unique ear plugs are designed. The central stem is made of ABS, a rigid plastic that provides a stiff stem that facilitates easy insertion and removal as well as conducting sound from the environment into the ear while enforcing a reliably consistent level of attenuation across a wide frequency range. This stiff core is enveloped by a thermo-plastic elastomer (TPE) that softens with body heat for a superbly comfortable fit in virtually any shape of ear canal.